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Who to hire when organising an event

Do you have plans to host a party? Are you concerned with all the arrangements? Worry not, hiring an event planner can solve your problem. You can be relaxed and tension free.

If you are planning for a grand party, you must be aware of the fact that it demands a lot of time, in focusing the details of the thorough planning. The whole process is a huge challenge and you must ensure that the planning is proper so that there are obstacles that can ruin the fun of the event. While organizing an event, hiring a professional event planner or manager is a good choice if you want to take away the stress and burden from your shoulder of organizing the perfect party.

When you intend to throw a fuss-free and an unforgettable party, hiring an event planner is advantageous. Let us find out how.

You can be free from stress and anxiety

Planning and organizing a huge party is a stressful job, especially if it is your first time. Throwing a party means you need to invite a large number of guests and also look into the myriad areas in order to assure that the party is conducted in a smooth manner from the very beginning till the end. You can be free from stress and anxiety as the professional event planner will look into the entire thing and make it a success. One thing that they may suggest is to hire a Marquee for an outside party. This would mean no worrying about your house getting messy because it’ll all be outside. Capitall Marquees is a brilliant supplier of marquees.

Your time is saved

You can save a lot of time by hiring an event planner. This enables you to concentrate on the other vital elements of an event like selecting an apt venue and the menu. Basically, a professional planner will look into both the major aspects of organising a party as well as taking responsibility of the minor details. This will include arranging a caterer, DJ hiring and much more. Thus, you time and energy both gets saved.

Event planners have the expertise in the field

Do you know why an event planner is considered the best professional in organizing a party? It is because of her or his expertise and knowledge in the field. The presence of wide array of networks and contacts with the different service providers required for a successful event or party is also an added advantage. The event planner will keep you informed with the latest market trends and thereby offer you with the best advice.

Ensuring the post party clean up

When it is the matter of post party clean up, it is a challenging and a tedious task. An event planner is the greatest asset in such a situation. It is the responsibility of the event planner to make sure that the venue is cleaned and kept absolutely tidy after the party gets over. Hence, you get the opportunity to relax without stressing about the clean up. This also gives you the time to catch up with the family members and friends and guests in the post party session and thank them for their participation.

Event planners are a blessing for you

Multitasking may not be your forte, but this quality is demanded while organizing and arranging a party. You need a bar Essex to troubleshoot you whenever the situation arises. For instance, starting from picking up menus, deciding on the venue, decoration, cake arrangement and the entertainment is all looked by the planners.

Remember to go that extra mile and make a grand entrance to your event – Supercar Hire is a fun and exciting addition that will be sure to make heads turn and keep your event talk of the town.

Hire an event planner today and let your party witness success.


Hire a wedding planner or do it by yourself?

Organizing a wedding today is a lot different than organizing is 20 years ago. Today, there are so many things that need to be done, and none of your family or friends really have any time to help you get it done. This means that you can either plan your wedding all by yourself, or hire and pay a wedding planner to do it all for you and then hope for the best. Keep in mind that the wedding planners do everything for you, including picking out the wedding caterers, getting your personalised sweet bags by Tabetha’s Touch, organizing them, getting the location for the wedding secured, etc. Basically, they do everything you would do yourself, but with the difference being the fact that they do this for a living and know exactly where to look for what, while you really don’t, but you are the one who’s got it all in your head, and the one who knows how it’s truly supposed to look.

Therefore, it is a little tricky choosing between the two, but it all depends. Some people have jobs that don’t really require them to do anything and can use that time to plan a wedding. Other people have difficult jobs and have to work overtime, making it impossible for them to find the time to plan a wedding. Also, some people are richer than the others, which allows them to hire a wedding organizer, while others have a tight budget, which basically doesn’t give them so much leverage when it comes to picking a wedding planner.

When you try and organize a wedding, you don’t really know where to find every single thing you need for it; you don’t know where to find the food for the wedding, where to find Co2 Gas cylinders for your bar, where to find the waiters who are going to serve there, where to find a marquee if you’ve planned to get married under it, etc. You, as a normal person, just don’t know where all of those things can be found, and where they can be hired for a relatively low price. This might cause you to hire a bit more expensive service. But, if you have a wedding planner, you can be sure that they won’t make that kind of a mistake. They do this for a living, and they know exactly where to find each of these things, and how to spend as less money as possible. Basically, this means that you can even save some money by hiring a wedding planner!

At the end, it all comes down to differences between people because some of them have the means to hire the most expansive planner, while others are on the budget and have to do it all on their own. But, as we have seen, this doesn’t have to be the case, because sometimes a wedding planner can help you save some money. So, the best thing for you to do is to take a look at The Wedding Guide, see what the experts in this field think, and after some consideration, make your choice.

Top Practices for Superb Hair for your Wedding

Screen Shot 2016-06-25 at 10.21.24

Wedding day hairstyles play a vital role in the way the bridal party looks on the momentous day. It is the elegant touch that can make everyone look confident and stunning. Choosing a gorgeous hair style which blends correctly with your bridal gown will make a lasting impression on the crowd who has gathered to grace the special occasion. So, with that in mind, carefully choose from the many potential wedding day hairstyles and don’t forget to book with Drakes of London to make sure your hair is perfect for you special day.

  • To start off, you can have a look at the myriad of wedding day hairstyles displayed on numerous web pages online or browse through magazines. This will give you a good idea of the different styles that are considered trendy today. To narrow down on the styles that will suit you the best, look for models that have similar facial features as you. You will also need to picture how the particular hairstyle will look with the wedding dress you have selected. Hairstyles can accentuate the beauty of a dress and also somewhat hide its accents. So you need to consider the volume and length of the hairstyle in relation to the dress. You will also need to consider how informal or formal your outfit is looking and choose a hairstyle which goes along with the mood.
  • If you are planning to wear a long flowing veil or tiara then that too will affect the choice of your wedding hairstyles. Certain hairstyles will look quite stunning with a veil, while certain ones are more suitable with the tiara. You also want to think about other accessories worn in the hair such as flowers and clips which may be suitable with a particular hairdo.
  • Wedding day hairstyles have names like Empress and Angel Hairstyles, Princess Hairstyle and many more. The Princes hairstyle is quite popular with young brides. It is where the hair is totally pulled back from the face and left flowing down the back in waves. The part is either in the center or off to the side. These are wedding hair styles for long hair or for women with medium length locks. The style looks good with a tiara or a veil as well.
  • The very elegant Empress Hairstyle will make you look like a Roman Queen or goddess. Here, the hair is styled in tight curls or tightly pulled back and piled on top with curls. This gives an aristocratic look.

Whatever wedding day hairstyles you choose, make sure to consult a professional hairdresser first and take their expertise and advice into consideration. Hairdressers will know how well your hair will take to a particular style and they can also tell you how long the hairdo will last. Wedding hairstyles have to be easily manageable and last the entire length of the festivities. If you are not satisfied with your hairdresser, change to one who specialises in wedding hairstyles and is quite well known among the local hairdressers. Wedding day hairstyles all look gorgeous, but you need to pick a style that makes you feel confident and that suits your personality and features.

Having great facial hair is equally as important as the perfect hair style. Checkout this incredible guide to choosing the best beard trimmer of 2016.

What to Look for in a Limo Provider for Your Wedding

Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 17.34.37

Almost all women dream of riding on a limo on their wedding day. As one of them, you need to consider a few important things to arrive at the right limo service provider for your wedding. Good thing, there are lots of limo providers around that offer their wedding services. But, it may be quite difficult to choose the right one.

Getting limo hire services is one of the most important steps for you to consider in enjoying a wedding. Thus, it is essential to have an advanced research before choosing the right limo provider to fulfill your wedding needs.

To give you an idea on how to choose the right limo provider, here is the complete list of some of the things you need to consider when hiring a limo provider.

Variety of Limo Service

A good limo provider has a wide range of limousines perfect for your wedding day. This is an important feature as far as wedding is concerned. Every wedding occasion is different from the other. And thus, this is one of the reasons why brides must have the freedom of choosing the best limo perfect for their wedding.

As per the size, it will depend on the bride and the family members who will be joining her. There is also a big sized limo that appropriate for you to consider.


Safety is another important aspect you need to consider for a limo provider. This may include the certificate of the company that handles the limo. It is also essential to take a closer look at the safety of all vehicle parts.

In addition, you also need to determine the training skills of the chauffeur. This way, you can be most assured of a safe and convenient ride.


It is also recommended to look for a limo provider with a good reputation in providing the service. You can do this by doing some advanced research about the company. Better yet, just ask some people around who have tried the limo services of a certain company on their wedding day. A limo provider that has a good reputation can give you high quality and best limo wedding service. Make sure that the limo of your choice has had their alloy wheel repair from Whoops Wheel Fix It has been done and the limo has passed its service.


A lot of limo providers offer different price ranges. Some wedding limo service providers also charge their services per hour or per day. When searching for a limo pricing package, you need to be sure of choosing the right pricing package that complements well to your wedding program. To obtain the best limo wedding service price, you need to look and compare a lot of limo service providers. And then, choose the best one.

Are you now ready to look for the best wedding limo service provider? The above mentioned aspects will serve as your guide to choosing the right limo service provider for your wedding. Following all those things mentioned can help you in hiring the best limo provider. This way, you can get only the best wedding experience ever.




Chocolate Fountains and Hiring the Best Wedding Caterer Services

chocolate_fountain_party_2A wedding day, is one of the most important day of a couple’s life as some may say. While there are numerous ways to cater a wedding, great food results in happy guests and, even more, a memorable wedding day. So it’s important to get the catering part absolutely right. Hiring a wedding caterer is usually the best option for many couples. Luckily, there are a vast number of companies that specialise in wedding catering around the world, companies that perhaps also do corporate or private parties too, but mostly wedding business their primary business.
A couple’s wedding caterer choice is highly dependent on the type of wedding the couple wants. Themes, time, and venue can also affect the kind of catering to be done. Catering pricing and the product can vary depending on the size of your wedding. Small, simple weddings can hire small catering services while mega-weddings can hire big-time Catering companies. Therefore, it is prudent that couples choose the best catering services for their weddings to avoid overspending or underspending, but if money is no issue, then a small wedding can be as luxurious as possible with additions like ice towers, luges pouring superb vodka or most commonly set up a chocolate fountain.
Having a chocolate fountain may not be a big deal at first, because many wonderful weddings have taken place without any hint of a melted chocolate fountain, but in the real sense, having one is so much fun and extraordinary. Considering the fact that a wedding mostly happens once in a couple’s life, it’s a day that should be endowed with all sorts of spoils, and a chocolate fountain is one of the spoils that create very memorable moments full of joy and laughter more than any wedding they may have ever attended.
Informing the caterer in advance in case the couple wants a chocolate fountain for their wedding is highly recommended and also tell a friend before the wedding day to lead the others in getting the chocolate from the fountain is advisable due to the fact that most people in a wedding are shy and may fear being the first to chip into the fountain, you need a volunteer to do that first step for the rest to follow, and after that you won’t have to worry about it, because there will be a long line towards the fountain as the wedding progresss since no one can ever have enough chocolate.So, if you are planning on going out and buying one for your marriage, your caterer needs to know what type of maintenance is required for this kind of machine.
Choosing the perfect wedding caterer is, therefore, very crucial. Do proper research and seek other client recommendations, speak to other couples, or to the catering staff at your chosen venue. Ask your photographer, wedding suppliers or even florist whether they can recommend an excellent caterer they know. Look for testimonials that may affirm that the wedding catering company can deliver and meet your expectations.

Which Music Style Best Fits Your Wedding

Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 16.56.35Live ceremony music sets the mood and can make your wedding incredibly beautiful. However, at the same time, it has the potential to mar the night if not done correctly. Choosing the right music style for your wedding is all about knowing the theme of your wedding and understanding the audience. Don’t let wedding planners or an entertainment firm sweet talk you into hiring someone that you don’t like in the first place.

Going With the Wedding Theme

There are several music styles that are appropriate for a wedding. That’s the beauty of ceremony music that you can go with jazz, classic or even pop and it won’t go wrong as long as it fits the wedding theme you have picked. If you are going for a vintage theme, make sure you avoid pop or hip hop music as that’ll end up being a great disaster. As long as the music goes well with the theme, there isn’t much that can go wrong.

Knowing What Kind of Entertainment You Need

One more thing you should consider is the kind of entertainment you want your wedding to provide. If you want your audience to dance at the reception, don’t expect them to do so by having a string quartet playing their versions of popular pop songs. In that case, you need to get a band or DJ from Medusa Management. Planning every detail is the key as you need to make sure that your theme, your idea of entertainment and the ceremony music goes hand in hand. If you are looking for a classical wedding, hiring a violinist, classic guitarist, string quartet or all three of them should be your preference instead of having a DJ play some tunes.

Mixing It Up

Variety is important as wedding ceremonies go on for hours and having just one style of music that is played for hours can get a bit too much. Even if you prefer to listen to classical music for hours on the loop, don’t assume the same for all your audience. Mixing up ceremony music is the best way to get everyone’s attention as you’ll be catering to people with different music tastes. While you’re mixing it up, it is important to understand the gravity of that particular event.

For example, you can start with a harpist or violinist as pre-ceremony music needs to be light and easy. You can have a vocalist sing along with the harpist or classical guitarist during the ceremony, but make sure that the officiant has the appropriate sound system so that the ceremony is audible. A small jazz combo during the cocktails can lighten the mood up, and you can have a DJ or music band play at dinner to get everyone dancing.

Try not to go for something very unorthodox or out-of-the-box as it could end up blowing up in your face. Make sure you consider the advice of ceremony music experts while choosing the music style for your wedding.

How To Get The Perfect Wedding Invitations

Weddings are probably the one day in a couples live that they have to show off their relationship, after that they will just go back to being a regular couple. So its only right that they get to use this day to its full advantage and create memories that will last a lifetime. When it comes to planning a wedding there are small details that shouldn’t be overlooked and bare a great significance when it comes to starting their new lives together. An invitation is probably the most important little detail of a wedding. It invites each important relative or friend of both parties to join their new journey as a couple. So here are a few hints on how to get the perfect wedding invitation. A top secret tip would be to contact and you’ll truly create a unique wedding experience.

Colour Scheme

Although usually in a wedding the bride tends to take charge on planning every little detail, thus the colour scheme tends to be girlier. It is important when creating or choosing wedding invitations to go for a neutral colour scheme so it represents both parties.LAVINIA-INVITATION-IN-SLATE


On a wedding invitation it is important to include a personal message so it gives the feel that you are addressing your guests. Choose your words carefully as a wedding invitation is something you may want to cherish for the rest of your


Not everyone includes images on to their wedding invitations but it can be a good idea. The contrast of image to text makes the image much more aesthetically appealing. Plus you could include a happy image of yourselves, again making the wedding invitation seem more personal.Lace-Wedding-Invitations


There are certain typical design features of a wedding invitation. Most wedding invitations include graphics of flowers or other wedding-like images such as bells. To make the perfect wedding dress you can take your design a bit further with Letter Press Printing.Filigree-border-invitations

Reasons People Can’t Get Enough Of Magic Tricks

tim-steph-weddingIt Makes People Think About Beyond The Realms Of Possibility

Making objects disappear, tearing things apart then putting them back, and figuring out what in someone else’s head are just some of the magic tricks that never gets old. Magicians show an act that is impossible but somehow manage to make it possible, and never fails to catch anyone’s attention. People love thinking that maybe magic, angles, devils and all those kind of things are real. That’s why a magician in an event is a great way to entertain people.

People Enjoy Knowing It’s A Trick Yet Fail To Perform It Themselves

Despite wanting for all of those to be real, we know for a fact that they’re all tricks which the magician studied and practiced. So we all have this thinking that those tricks can’t be that hard, hence we try it and fail over and over. Though, such skills can be acquired, some magicians are just natural when it comes to what they do that’s why not everybody can do it as good as they do.

Being Impressed By A Skill We Know Takes A Lot Of Practice And Experience Is Fun

People today are smarter and harder to convince, so for magicians to be able to execute their tricks without people seeing loopholes, wires, or any sign of cheat is just awesome. Just imagine wedding magicians who perform their magic right in front of guests, table by table, and their trick not being caught in such a close up setting. Isn’t that impressive? We all love it when we can’t believe our own eyes.

We All Secretly Would Like To Be Magicians

When someone’s performing, especially a wedding magician who just renders people either speechless or screaming in awe, don’t we all somehow envy the guy? Being able to effortlessly keep guests attention, smoothly performing a skill not any regular person possess, making people second guess themselves, and leaving them entertained all at the same time, just feels good. Most people, though some won’t admit it, wish they can do that. That’s why magic is so appealing.


Wedding Photography Mistakes You Need To Avoid

jake-morley-photography-45In every wedding, wedding photography is always present. It is a vital part of the wedding to capture wonderful and lasting memories during the ceremony. A wedding photographer will always like to have an ideal wedding photo in order to provide the couple with amazing wedding pictures. And though the wedding photographer would like everything to go right, there are still mistakes that are made. Here are the wedding photography mistakes you need to avoid for your wedding.

  1. Finalising the wedding schedule before hiring a wedding photographer. Though you may have decided on the wedding date before you even start planning and hiring contractors for your wedding, it does not necessarily mean that you also have to set the timeframe of your wedding right away. By hiring a wedding photographer first and coordinating with the photographer on creating the wedding schedule, you will be sure that the wedding schedule will be perfect to provide you with the best photography conditions such as lighting, shadow and even a warm sunlight effect.
  2. Not following the wedding schedule. Once you set up a wedding schedule with your photographer, you need to stick with the schedule. If you delay or advance your wedding schedule, there is no guarantee that you will have quality wedding photographs. Your wedding could also conflict the schedule of your wedding photographer if you do not follow the arranged schedule.
  3. Allowing amateurs to cover a wedding photography. There will always be guests and relatives who will take photos at any time of the ceremony. Though this is alright, it will prevent your wedding photographer to capture the best moments and shots if your guests are constantly doing a wedding photography themselves instead of enjoying the wedding.
  4. Not informing the photographer about your photo preferences. There are photos of you which you like to show, such as your wedding ring, while others which you wish were not taken. In order to have the best wedding pictures, make sure that you share with your photographer in advance, what you don’t like and what you want to look like in your photos.
  5. Doing wedding photography yourself. Some couples would get caught in the moment and try to take pictures of the guests and other sceneries in the wedding. Let your wedding photographer do it for you and you simply enjoy your wedding. As long as you hire a professional wedding photographer, you can be sure that not a single important moment will be missed.
  6. No considering a second wedding photographer. Each wedding photographer has a preference or a signature on the wedding photos they produced. In order to provide another view or touch to your wedding photographs, hire a second photographer.
  7. Disorganised guests. Guests do not go to wedding seminars to practice how they will act during the ceremony. You need someone like a wedding organizer to manage your guests and the activities during the wedding.
  8. Trying to be perfect instead of having fun. There is no wedding that will be perfect for everyone. It will always depend on the couple and the guests. Make sure to have fun instead of trying to be perfect on your wedding day.
  9. No photograph session before the wedding. The moment before your wedding is when you look best. Have a short photograph session just before the wedding so you will have ideal photos.
  10. Forcing a pose. A wedding is not for the cover magazine. It is one way of making your wedding last. Just be natural instead of trying to pose every time you see a camera near you.
  11. Late wedding photographer booking. Late booking for a photographer is a big no for a wedding. It is hard to look for a photographer when a vacant schedule when the wedding day is just a week or two. Hiring a wedding photographer should be done months before the wedding so the photographer can prepare and for you to have time to look for a photographer who will connect with you.
  12. Too focused on the camera. If you keep looking at the camera, you will never have a photo with a candid or stolen effect and you will not look natural on the photos.
  13. Not telling the photographer about off-limit scenes or scenarios. There are scenes which you prefer to keep in private or some embarrassing moments you don’t want to share. Inform your photographer in advance which scenes you don’t want photographs to be taken.
  14. Asking way too many shots. Do not ask for multiple shot in a single pose. A professional photographer is experienced and skilled enough to capture the best photo in a shot or two.
  15. Rushing to hire a photographer. Do not hire a photographer right away. Make sure to search and consider multiple wedding photographers and screen them thoroughly so you will have the best photos.
  16. No engagement session. An engagement session is the perfect opportunity to build trust and confidence on your wedding photographer. It is a time which you can ask why your photographer need you to strike a particular pose. This will help you create the best photos during the actual ceremony.
  17. Copying wedding trends. There are wedding trends every year. Though they might be amazing, they are not necessarily ideal for your own wedding. It is better to come up with a wedding trend on your own.
  18. Not smiling. Your smile is always important. Always wear your smile throughout the wedding.

Now you know what mistakes you can avoid to help you get the best wedding photography from Jake Morley weddings.

Looking For A Wedding Magician? Here Are 5 Things To Consider Before Hiring One

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 16.17.30Quality Of His Skills

Everybody these days call themselves experts, though only a few really are. So how do you tell them apart? Most professional magicians belong to a group or association which only accepts members after series of interviews and examination. If your guy belongs to one, then that’s a good sign. Watching video, without cuts and fancy graphics, of him performing helps too. Reviews from reliable sources should be useful as well.

Pay Attention To His Professionalism

If you want to avoid headache in dealing with a wedding magician, professionalism is a must trait. Just because someone does it for a living does not guarantee his professionalism. See if his cool with discussing contracts, invoices, receipts, and references. He should be entertaining your questions well, and is backed with PLI or Public Liability Insurance. All of these indicate that you’re dealing with someone who isn’t likely to bail out on the last minute or won’t come drunk because he just came from his other sidelines.

See How Long He’s Been Into The Business

Experience is a great sign that your Kent wedding magician will provide a no less than great performance. If you have seen proof that he’s been in the industry for quite some time and has performed in different events, plus points if those events include high profile people, then you know he’s a catch.

His Performance Style Matters

Different magicians have different style in doing magic. So before you hire one, make sure his style goes with your wedding’s style. Not unless you find dark and mysterious magic complements an English themed wedding right?

Know Just How Much You Should Pay

Magicians have no fixed salary, their charges depends on a lot of things. Things like when is the wedding, length of performance time (standard is 2 hours, so if you want him longer you’ll have to pay extra), and where, because they usually include their travel cost. An amateur costs less compared to hotshot magicians of course.