Looking For A Wedding Magician? Here Are 5 Things To Consider Before Hiring One

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 16.17.30Quality Of His Skills

Everybody these days call themselves experts, though only a few really are. So how do you tell them apart? Most professional magicians belong to a group or association which only accepts members after series of interviews and examination. If your guy belongs to one, then that’s a good sign. Watching video, without cuts and fancy graphics, of him performing helps too. Reviews from reliable sources should be useful as well.

Pay Attention To His Professionalism

If you want to avoid headache in dealing with a wedding magician, professionalism is a must trait. Just because someone does it for a living does not guarantee his professionalism. See if his cool with discussing contracts, invoices, receipts, and references. He should be entertaining your questions well, and is backed with PLI or Public Liability Insurance. All of these indicate that you’re dealing with someone who isn’t likely to bail out on the last minute or won’t come drunk because he just came from his other sidelines.

See How Long He’s Been Into The Business

Experience is a great sign that your Kent wedding magician will provide a no less than great performance. If you have seen proof that he’s been in the industry for quite some time and has performed in different events, plus points if those events include high profile people, then you know he’s a catch.

His Performance Style Matters

Different magicians have different style in doing magic. So before you hire one, make sure his style goes with your wedding’s style. Not unless you find dark and mysterious magic complements an English themed wedding right?

Know Just How Much You Should Pay

Magicians have no fixed salary, their charges depends on a lot of things. Things like when is the wedding, length of performance time (standard is 2 hours, so if you want him longer you’ll have to pay extra), and where, because they usually include their travel cost. An amateur costs less compared to hotshot magicians of course.




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