Struggling With Wedding Car Hire?

When you are looking at the perfect wedding you will always need to include a special transport for that special bride on the shopping list. Nowadays the choice of transport to and from the wedding is becoming much more important and in some cases is just as important as the dress. If you are looking for a princess horse and carriage or stretched super car, you will definitely need to set aside part of the budget for the transport.You also need to think about the guests! Let your guests travel in luxury with UK coach hire by May Day Travel. They’ll get all your guests to your wedding location together and on time.
Traditionally wedding transport has only involved getting the bride to the destination in style but nowadays the groom is getting included. People looking for the specialist wedding car hire Bristol now offer sport cars for those petrol heads who also want to arrive in style on their wedding day. The likes of the Ferrari, Aston Martin, McLaren and other super cars are becoming available for hire for grooms and sometimes the bride as well on wedding days! Weddings are changing and becoming more and more unique and personalised to the bride and grooms personal tastes.

More people are looking as transport as more than just a way of getting from A to B, it’s a chance for you to stand out and show off the facts its your wedding day.
There is a huge range of wedding cars out there on the market available for hire. If you are looking for vintage get your hands on the Cadillac or Buick Limousine, which turn a head every time and add a bit of style to your day. If however you are looking for the traditional and popular option of a stretched car, why not look at the likes of something new – the stretched Audi, Range Rover, BMW are all becoming easily available for hire on wedding days. Prices will vary depending on the rarity of the car, for instance the Rolls Royce Phantom is now available across the UK. There are only 4 available with a private driver for hire on weddings so prices will be high. However if you want to create the right impression it is necessary to pay the extra funds and get your hands on such executive and rare cars.

Prices can range anywhere from £200 – £1000 and it depends on what car you choose. The more rare the car, the higher its price tag, but of course its your wedding day and will certainly be worth the extra money. If you want to make your day more than average you certainly need the right form of transport!

Different Forms of Entertainment For Your Wedding

Weddings are meant to be all for the bride but what a bride particularly wants is everyone to have a good time. That’s where entertainment becomes a basic necessity for the special day. wedding-entertainment-ideas-8Celebrating means having fun and what better way than to have fun with some of the suggestions below:

A band

For those that love the sound of music a band is the perfect form of entertainment. You can hear all your favourite songs played live without anything to worry about and your first dance will be something to remember by you and all your guests. A band brings back the past days where music was once brilliant.


For those that love a boogie a DJ is the way to go. It’s the best way to get your audience on the dancefloor and to listen to some music, new and old. There won’t be any awkward pauses whilst changing songs and the groom and bride can personally create the playlist themselves with all their favourite songs.

A photo booth

Forget the traditional photography side of a wedding and add some fun. A photo booth is a brilliant way to keep your wedding guests entertained through the night. The photo booth props alone turn everyone back into mischievous kids. So let your guests feel young again and search for Photo Booth Hire London.

A wedding magician

Take the wedding magic a little further and hire a magician. It’s the perfect way to keep your guests happy and to add a fresh new light to a wedding reception.

A videographer

In a digital age your reception needs to go digital. That’s why you need to look for videography services in Essex. A wedding video is something you can treasure for a lifetime and your guests can even leave you messages which adds a intimate and personal touch that you can’t find anywhere else.

So what are you waiting for? Get planning for your perfect day.

Enjoy Your Once In a Lifetime Wedding Party

You only get married once and you have to make sure that you join the planning all throughout the event.  Weddings are pretty important occasions or affairs. A wedding is a dream come true fairytale for a lady who will become a bride. There are so many ladies who will really put all their efforts in making sure that the wedding they dream of will actually happen. This is a normal wish you will have when you will become the princess bride of your own.

Planning your own wedding is tiring and will consume all your time. This is the reason why you will need a wedding party to relax. Your checklist will be your guide in order for you not to miss anything out. Your guide will be your partner before you walk down the aisle.

Your Wedding Checklist
wedding gown1. Gown: You should stand out and look your part. You should start planning the gown you want to wear. You should wear the one you can afford and the gown that will look the best. You should stand out and be different among your entourage as well as the guests. Since you are the bride, you should be the one wearing the only different outfit during the wedding. If you want a custom made gown then you should have it. Choose from designs you love and start looking for the right designer.
2. Wedding Ceremony: Decide where you want your wedding ceremony to happen whether in a church, garden, beach, or any other place. Just as long as you pick the right place for you and your husband to be, everything will work out fine.
3. Reception: It is important that you select the right reception area for you and your guests to enjoy the night away. This will be the concluding event of your wedding. You will also have to pick the food, drinks, desserts, and etc for the reception. You should plan this well because this will be a very memorable night or day for you.
4. Entourage: You have to have an entourage. They will be your guides and sponsors when you walk down the aisle.
5. Guests: Invite everyone close to you like your relatives and friends. Make your wedding very intimate. Share every memory of your wedding to those who are close to your heart.

wedding planningThis checklist will really make a difference to your wedding planning. If you cannot afford a planner, you can do it on your own. You just have to make sure that you will manage your time well. You have to make sure that you will not be stressed out which is why you need to take some time out every once in a while. It is normal to have stress but you have to follow your plans carefully so that everything will flow correctly. Enjoy every minute and details of your wedding planning. Enjoying it will definitely make a difference. You also have to share it with your husband to be and include him in the planning as well because it is his wedding too. In the end, you will have a happy ending.

If you do decide for the stress free option of a wedding party visit and sit back and enjoy the ride.