Struggling With Wedding Car Hire?

When you are looking at the perfect wedding you will always need to include a special transport for that special bride on the shopping list. Nowadays the choice of transport to and from the wedding is becoming much more important and in some cases is just as important as the dress. If you are looking for a princess horse and carriage or stretched super car, you will definitely need to set aside part of the budget for the transport.You also need to think about the guests! Let your guests travel in luxury with UK coach hire by May Day Travel. They’ll get all your guests to your wedding location together and on time.
Traditionally wedding transport has only involved getting the bride to the destination in style but nowadays the groom is getting included. People looking for the specialist wedding car hire Bristol now offer sport cars for those petrol heads who also want to arrive in style on their wedding day. The likes of the Ferrari, Aston Martin, McLaren and other super cars are becoming available for hire for grooms and sometimes the bride as well on wedding days! Weddings are changing and becoming more and more unique and personalised to the bride and grooms personal tastes.

More people are looking as transport as more than just a way of getting from A to B, it’s a chance for you to stand out and show off the facts its your wedding day.
There is a huge range of wedding cars out there on the market available for hire. If you are looking for vintage get your hands on the Cadillac or Buick Limousine, which turn a head every time and add a bit of style to your day. If however you are looking for the traditional and popular option of a stretched car, why not look at the likes of something new – the stretched Audi, Range Rover, BMW are all becoming easily available for hire on wedding days. Prices will vary depending on the rarity of the car, for instance the Rolls Royce Phantom is now available across the UK. There are only 4 available with a private driver for hire on weddings so prices will be high. However if you want to create the right impression it is necessary to pay the extra funds and get your hands on such executive and rare cars.

Prices can range anywhere from £200 – £1000 and it depends on what car you choose. The more rare the car, the higher its price tag, but of course its your wedding day and will certainly be worth the extra money. If you want to make your day more than average you certainly need the right form of transport!

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