Wedding Photography Mistakes You Need To Avoid

jake-morley-photography-45In every wedding, wedding photography is always present. It is a vital part of the wedding to capture wonderful and lasting memories during the ceremony. A wedding photographer will always like to have an ideal wedding photo in order to provide the couple with amazing wedding pictures. And though the wedding photographer would like everything to go right, there are still mistakes that are made. Here are the wedding photography mistakes you need to avoid for your wedding.

  1. Finalising the wedding schedule before hiring a wedding photographer. Though you may have decided on the wedding date before you even start planning and hiring contractors for your wedding, it does not necessarily mean that you also have to set the timeframe of your wedding right away. By hiring a wedding photographer first and coordinating with the photographer on creating the wedding schedule, you will be sure that the wedding schedule will be perfect to provide you with the best photography conditions such as lighting, shadow and even a warm sunlight effect.
  2. Not following the wedding schedule. Once you set up a wedding schedule with your photographer, you need to stick with the schedule. If you delay or advance your wedding schedule, there is no guarantee that you will have quality wedding photographs. Your wedding could also conflict the schedule of your wedding photographer if you do not follow the arranged schedule.
  3. Allowing amateurs to cover a wedding photography. There will always be guests and relatives who will take photos at any time of the ceremony. Though this is alright, it will prevent your wedding photographer to capture the best moments and shots if your guests are constantly doing a wedding photography themselves instead of enjoying the wedding.
  4. Not informing the photographer about your photo preferences. There are photos of you which you like to show, such as your wedding ring, while others which you wish were not taken. In order to have the best wedding pictures, make sure that you share with your photographer in advance, what you don’t like and what you want to look like in your photos.
  5. Doing wedding photography yourself. Some couples would get caught in the moment and try to take pictures of the guests and other sceneries in the wedding. Let your wedding photographer do it for you and you simply enjoy your wedding. As long as you hire a professional wedding photographer, you can be sure that not a single important moment will be missed.
  6. No considering a second wedding photographer. Each wedding photographer has a preference or a signature on the wedding photos they produced. In order to provide another view or touch to your wedding photographs, hire a second photographer.
  7. Disorganised guests. Guests do not go to wedding seminars to practice how they will act during the ceremony. You need someone like a wedding organizer to manage your guests and the activities during the wedding.
  8. Trying to be perfect instead of having fun. There is no wedding that will be perfect for everyone. It will always depend on the couple and the guests. Make sure to have fun instead of trying to be perfect on your wedding day.
  9. No photograph session before the wedding. The moment before your wedding is when you look best. Have a short photograph session just before the wedding so you will have ideal photos.
  10. Forcing a pose. A wedding is not for the cover magazine. It is one way of making your wedding last. Just be natural instead of trying to pose every time you see a camera near you.
  11. Late wedding photographer booking. Late booking for a photographer is a big no for a wedding. It is hard to look for a photographer when a vacant schedule when the wedding day is just a week or two. Hiring a wedding photographer should be done months before the wedding so the photographer can prepare and for you to have time to look for a photographer who will connect with you.
  12. Too focused on the camera. If you keep looking at the camera, you will never have a photo with a candid or stolen effect and you will not look natural on the photos.
  13. Not telling the photographer about off-limit scenes or scenarios. There are scenes which you prefer to keep in private or some embarrassing moments you don’t want to share. Inform your photographer in advance which scenes you don’t want photographs to be taken.
  14. Asking way too many shots. Do not ask for multiple shot in a single pose. A professional photographer is experienced and skilled enough to capture the best photo in a shot or two.
  15. Rushing to hire a photographer. Do not hire a photographer right away. Make sure to search and consider multiple wedding photographers and screen them thoroughly so you will have the best photos.
  16. No engagement session. An engagement session is the perfect opportunity to build trust and confidence on your wedding photographer. It is a time which you can ask why your photographer need you to strike a particular pose. This will help you create the best photos during the actual ceremony.
  17. Copying wedding trends. There are wedding trends every year. Though they might be amazing, they are not necessarily ideal for your own wedding. It is better to come up with a wedding trend on your own.
  18. Not smiling. Your smile is always important. Always wear your smile throughout the wedding.

Now you know what mistakes you can avoid to help you get the best wedding photography from Jake Morley weddings.

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